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Blue on the Menu

08 Mar 2022 | Riya Parker - Junior Designer

Let’s enter the Blue door. Shall we? Blue as the Sky or Blue as the Ocean. Blue as the Lapis lazuli or Blue as the indigo. There’s a blue connection that each one of us associates with only we might not have realized it. And it cannot be that one doesn’t end up liking the clear blue sky. Once a Blue-lover, always a Blue-lover. I never believed in that idea and always thought that there will be some other color that will rejoice and humor me more than the blue hue. And in all fairness, bright to pastel tones all cover this long list. Even at times, there are intense color phases and all of the tricky affairs that I have with different hues. Although, Blue personally seems very familiar yet a sensational hue. 

Let's dig in some facts. My blue fantasy is not gonna take a back seat yet. The color is believed to have been associated with multiple positive qualities other than sadness, such as harmony, faithfulness, confidence, and infinity. The psychology of the color blue evokes uniqueness and authenticity. But not in the food industry. Being considered the color of poison, it has been long kept away and not many find it appetizing. In fact in the culinary world, everything from blue light, blue paint, and

blue plates is least recommended. In the food context, shall we immediately move towards the one delicious berry, i.e, Blueberry. Ahhh, but there's a catch, it is slightly more towards purple. 

Similarly, the divine blue seeks so much attention even in the art realm. We owe a big time to modern advancements. Else if you would have descended as a painter in the older eras, it

would be highly likely that one would use this hue in their art only on rare occasions because it was a very expensive pigment. Back in the day, it was used only for important subjects. For instance, in the Renaissance age, the Virgin Mary is mostly seen wearing blue costumes. 

Interestingly I have covered the totality of Blue in each part of my life. In the perfect bluuu world, I would be visiting the woman who makes pottery in shades of blue, near a seashore. I say it with a sigh of relief that my blues are starting to fade already. What will the love of color make you do? But it's highly unlikely that I shall ever live in a marine-themed casa. Not in my wildest dreams, do I see that happening. In an interesting book ‘Bluets’ - Maggie Nelson says “So please do not write to tell me about any more beautiful blue things. To be fair, this book will not tell you about any, either. It will not say, Isn’t X beautiful? Such demands are murderous to beauty.” Maybe form yet not form an idea of beauty at all. Maybe play around with juxtaposition a little to admire the zeniths. It is difficult yet crucial to find that delicate balance whether in life or design. And in that process of balancing we come across so many new feelings and ideas. What color allures you the most? When and how did you see blue for the first time?

In my opinion, the presence of Blue is not the one we choose but it persists with the sky following us everywhere we go. The other colors of nature, although, may or may not be in our immediate surroundings or part of our existing domain but where will one run away from the wide sky. Maybe its presence from as far as the eye can see, makes it more desirable. I started noticing it in fine evenings and beautiful mornings accompanied with frosty white clouds and it suddenly one day got stuck with me. I revisited the PICTURESQUE BLUE sky many times and it provided me a sense of calm and connection. The same connection slowly grew to other smaller, inanimate things. 

Is it a similar connection that people feel, even with the patented Tiffany Blue, I presume, that makes the buyers buy that precious little blue box? Or is that why you dream of that castle in Santorini? Or why do places like Chefchaouen, Morocco, or Jodhpur, Rajasthan (India) paint everything blue? Despite all the other theories, I believe it strikes a colorful balance or contrast against the gleaming hot sun; bestowing it with such a delightful view.

Let’s talk business now. The charm of this color does not at all fade in the branding industry as well, as it is the favorite to most people around the globe. The ocean looks blue from outer space and is also used for indicating water bodies on paper, thus pushing it to be the branding color for bottled water. In branding and advertising, blue is often used to market those products and services which are associated with hygiene (such as water purification tools and cleaning products), air and sky (airlines and airports), water and sea (sea voyages, mineral water). The leading social media brands such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter have it for their logos. Less of a chance there, to get disliked. 

I've mostly tried to cover all the blue areas. Do let me know your blue thoughts?