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Culture First Approach

17 Jul 2020 | Kuber Chopra, Creative & Strategy Director

We believe in a simple principle, that brands operate within culture and culture is created by people. So brands need to find a way (Rasta, if you like) to become part of culture. Being part of culture gives them the best vantage to sell to people. 

Brands try very hard to sell but do very little to really connect. 

Concepts like social media for brand building, mobile app adoption, very smart phones with very good cameras have made the Warholic premonition of “15 mins of fame” a reality. Data is the new oil and it’s become relatively easy to find out about your customers’ interests. But because these tools and resources are available to everyone, creativity still holds the key. 

The tools and media will keep changing but the core principle of Culture First i.e. that if a brand has made it to cultural consciousness it will translate to market share, is time tested.