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Live Limitless with French hospitality

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Our journey with Accor started when Accor was still called AccorHotels. Back when the French hospitality giant was making rapid strides to tap into the Indian sensibilities - its culture, its people, its passion. And with the IPL just around the corner, we jumped into our first adventure with Accor.


AccorHotels hosted the IPL team Delhi Daredevils as hospitality partners for two years in a row.

For us, it was an exercise in brand strategy, and we were responsible for the ideation and execution of 360° campaigns to communicate this partnership.


The first year was about establishing the context, where we came up with the campaign #AnythingForOurGuests, setting the tone for the guests - the Delhi Daredevils players. The second year, we chased something bigger with #DilliBoysFeelWelcome where we tapped into the sentiments of the city.

ACCORHOTELS -> ACCOR - Feel Welcome to Live Limitless

The next adventure for us was when AccorHotels became Accor with a rebranding exercise in motion. We recontextualized their new tagline LIVE LIMITLESS and amplified it on social platforms.

INSIDE THE ACCOR WORLD - For the building blocks of Accor

Accor employees in India identify themselves as Heartists, inhabiting a space which does not discriminate and is all about celebrating inclusiveness. Through our videos, we gave shape to their belief, in a very relatable and slice-of-life way with themed videos like EATING STEREOTYPES FOR BREAKFAST.

THE FUTURE OF HOSPITALITY - Setting #TheNewNormal for Accor

This is the most interesting phase of our association with Accor where we are ideating confidence-building campaigns to get Accor back in the game post-Covid. The focus on establishing Accor properties as a safe place forms the crux of our campaigns and we are currently in the process of strategizing #TheNewNormal for Accor.