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Rest. Assured.

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Founded in 1998, SAR Group has been impacting the lives of thousands through its innovative products. Livpure, a brand under SAR Group, has been on a mission to make India healthy and ensure purity in their lives. So far, this was done through its products such as water purifiers, air coolers and air conditioners. In 2020, Livpure launched its sleep vertical, boasting a range of innovative, eco-conscious and human-friendly products such as mattresses, linen, pillows and accessories. The vision was clear - to bring sleep health into the conscious realm of Indians.

Entrusted with the responsibility of strategically launching the purely D2C brand, Rasta helped position the brand in the market and provided strategic and creative support to build the brand online. This was done through the brands website, social media presence, e-mail engagement and positioning on third-party e-com websites.

Rest. Assured.

The brand targeted a predominantly urban audience - one that is ambitious, health-focused, values a higher standard of living and yet, struggles every day to get the basics of sleep right. We called them the "money-rich sleep-poor". Through a clever campaign message, we drove the idea that Livpure provides not just mere sleep but well-deserved rest. The campaign line ‘Rest. Assured’ was in itself a promise and was crafted keeping in mind the brands positioning i.e. an eco-conscious, human-friendly and innovation-led brand that one can trust for their sleep health.


The Visual Style

Rasta created a unique visual style for the brands sleep vertical which helped the brand transition into the sleep category more effortlessly. The illustration style took the elements inherited from the brands DNA and packaged them to make them relevant to the sleep and wellness. The primary colour in use was the Livpure purple, also the colour of the night sky. 

Whereas, to break the monotony a new secondary palette was introduced, this had cool tones of green and blue synthesized with some warm tones so as to bring forth the promise of human-friendly and eco-conscious. The stroke style was kept rough to draw only a certain amount of attention to the illustration. The products were kept fill-based in order to grab more attention, and each illustration of the product boasted the Livpure tag.


The website

Rasta designed and developed a UI style for Livpures D2C website. The design was kept close to the brand’s soul and reflected its three main pillars i.e. eco-conscious, human-friendly and innovative.


Partnership with Sachin

In November 2020, the brand partnered with Sachin Tendulkar for its sleep and wellness category. Just like Livpure, Sachin carries the personality of being someone who has always been on the right of things. Being a veteran in giving a legendary performance, Livpure could instantly relate with the trustworthy personality that Sachin exudes. To honour this partnership, Rasta crafted a communication route which was a promise in itself -

Legendary Sleep. Rest. Assured.


Through this, Livpure was able to position itself as a game-changer in the sleep innovation space. Rasta made use of popular cricketing terminologies to drive conversations around the products and their effectiveness in boosting sleep health. At a time when India was experiencing the IPL hangover, this route worked well to engage with our audience, a huge chunk of which consisted of cricket-lovers.

Rasta continues to provide strategic and creative support to Livpure and is helping the brand rapidly expand its presence in India.