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Bringing the High-Protein Breakfast to the people

  • Social | Visual Language | Production

There is a health food brand launch nearly every calendar day of the year. Protein, Gluten and other keywords are often thrown around which play on the insecurities around nutrition that confronts urban Indian audiences. So when Plow came to us with a range of high-protein breakfast options for vegetarians, we had to work out a strategy that cut through this clutter. 

Forming a Vision

Our core idea was to focus on taste as 90% of Indians will give up on a high-protein diet if it does not taste good. 

To complement this idea, we created a visual language that focussed on the “Desi” aspect. The idea for the visual board came from the highways of India - Truck Art. This helped us set the imagery apart from the other products in the market, designed to bring the audience to Plow, from where the product's taste takes the wheel.

The launch of the social media channels too represented the same values.



Connecting the Audience with the Product

The next step towards bringing Plow to the people was telling the story of the brand and creating a connection with the audience. 

The goal was to bring Indian deliciousness to the forefront while assuring the audience that they will meet their protein requirements. We did this by playing around with the ingredients that Plow is comprised of, something the Desi audience is already familiar with. In order to communicate the brand identity, we used poppy Yellow, Blue & Green to further our story. Through these, a bridge between Plow and the desi inspirations behind it was created.



For the ad shoot, we let the founder and his inspiration towards creating Plow take centre stage. We addressed the problem statement directly - the lack of tasty, protein-rich breakfast options for vegetarians. The film stood as a reflection of the same idea.