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Creative chefs behind #EpigamiaKitchen

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Just like greek yogurt, our relationship with Drums Food International has been very thick. From Hokey Pokey to Epigamia, we’ve been their creative partners for strategy, innovation, syndication and digital marketing right from the start.
Epigamia is a greek yogurt brand that is pushing boundaries in the Indian dairy industry. Positioned as a snack, their curious drive to keep innovating products that contemporize traditions gives us the creative fuel to create campaigns that are traditionally incongruous to the dairy category.

From Scratch

When Drums Food approached us with a new brand that made delicious greek yogurt, we realized the challenges a dahi-focussed Indian audience would face in differentiating between curd & yogurt.
So we decided to sample the product online as well as offline and took the customer’s feedback at each step. The reception was so overwhelming that the brand after all these years is still obsessed with their customers’ feedback.


#SteadyHeads Challenge

The product has been great right from the onset. It’s preservative free & high on protein. Epigamia also created lactose-free dahi and smoothies & made sure the protein content was high in all their greek yogurts - flavoured as well as sugar-free.
It was imperative for us to introduce the fitness freaks to this product range in a way where they could interact with the brand whilst equating it to health.

That’s when we released a health-focussed UGC challenge called the #SteadyHeads campaign where people had to do a headstand for 5 seconds to participate and have an Epigamia right after as a post-workout snack.  The campaign garnered a great response with over 50 participants positioning the brand as a healthy snack amongst the superfitness cohort.

Epigamia Mumbai Marathon

Extending the fitness leg to marathons, we collaborated with IIT Bombay Mumbai Marathon 2017 to sample the product to all participants.

Building The Brand

We believed that the vision of the brand was bigger than just creating healthy products so we penned down a brand document to define what the brand’s purpose is and what is ingrained in its DNA.
Their drive to innovate new products that are contemporary in the Indian dairy industry inspired us to create “pushing boundaries” as Epigamia’s belief and “contemporising tradition” as its purpose.

WTF Season - 1

Birds of the same feather, flock together. Once we had defined the brand's purpose, we wanted to tell everyone what the brand stood for.
What The Folks was a TVF series that drew a parallel between two generations - traditional meets modern. The series was so in line with Epigamia's purpose of contemporising tradition, we had to be a part of it.


The social experiment ‘#YogArt’, invited followers to create and showcase food art with Epigamia greek yogurt.


The turn around from the campaign motivated us to employ the theme and essence of #YogArt as a creative tool for content and also execute another campaign – ‘#YogArt – Tasty Type’, where users had to make art with typography using Epigamia greek yogurt. 
The Tasty Type campaign not only involved more people, it also established #YogArt as a contextual content language for the brand.


Till today, we have received over 500 user generated content pieces through #YogArt.

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